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(Stories from the battlefield)

My Testimony of how
I came to know Christ

I’ll start when I was 13 years old. Before the age of 13 I would say my life was typical.  My parents worked hard for the little we had and
they loved us.  As with most working parents the time spent with us was limited but they did their best.
My parents grew up in an age when trust  had meaning and they were unaware of the drug scene. Consequently I was introduced to pot by an older 2nd cousin at the age of 13 and

God Won't Give his Best to Mess.
Written by Larhonda Williams

One day I was talking to my girlfriends at work. They were saying that there are no good
men left. I wasn't surprised because I've heard people say that before. I asked them about there own relationships. One said her boyfriend was married and the other said her boyfriend was living with her and how he doesn't want to work. Then it began to make sense to me why they were upset and sad. I
Mike Eppinette