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He said “study to show yourselves approved.” How important is it to hide the word in your heart? How important is it to learn of him?

God blessed me to start ICS (Interactive Church School) a few years ago. It is such a blessing as it allows the students to really participate in the teaching. We really dive into the word and break it down in order to get an understanding. We ask the hard questions that will cause us to grow higher in him.

As we continue to develop our web site we will have an interactive program for you to be taught from. With God in it we can do all things!

I’m so excited  to be a part of Faith Temple Church.. I got saved right here and have been running for Jesus for 23 years .  I’m looking forward to corresponding with you and growing to higher heights and deeper depths with each and everyone of you.

God bless you ....

Elder Mike Eppinette