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   We are determined to win souls for the kingdom of God. This focus gives us a freedom that many churches do not enjoy.  A Kingdom building focus allows us to address hard questions with sincerity. We will
answer  your questions to the best of our ability and our knowledge of the scriptures without respect of persons.  Realistic truthful answers can sometimes offend and that offense can hurt. If that hurt comes by way of the word of God, use it to better yourself and grow in God!
I want PROOF! How can you prove that God is real?
   I have pondered how to prove Gods’ existence for years and have found it very difficult to do. God is real to me and I accept the fact that he is not real to others. I had  the proof I needed when I got saved and after 23 years of battle I certainly have more proof that he exists.  However, that proof is mine alone and requires an ongoing  step of faith to close the tangible gaps. No sign, communication, or revelation  given to me has been tangible therefore it’s difficult to take my evidence and prove to you that he’s real.  The answers to my prayers are real to me and prove he’s there but those same answers can be explained away (in most cases) as simple coincidence along with the many other things I’ve seen and know to have happened.
    The biggest piece of evidence I have for proof is the many people who I have seen change from an ungodly sinful state to a moral Godly state. What is it that makes a person change the course of their life 180 degrees,in what seems to be, overnight? This too can be explained away in many ways but it’s the way that they have come to him that is the proof.  No matter what the race, color or creed they all have the same testimony. They have all testified the same thing.   Simply put; they  confessed that God was real, they  confessed they were lowly sinners compared to him, they confessed that God sent his son Jesus as a pure sacrifice so that we could have the opportunity to be saved, and last of all, they promised that with his help they would live Godly lives before him. This process is the same in every case. I know that many of life’s events can change us, but to me, that process being the same in every case is one of the proofs that God is real!
Are you saved?

Ask us a question...

Am I saved?
   If you’re asking this question then you’re obviously not sure... When salvation comes to an individual his or her whole outlook changes. As a matter of fact, a person’s life takes a whole other direction . Salvation brings along with it a new mind... “Old things are passed away and all things become new.” You desire to live as God wants you to live according to his word. You begin a relationship with him in “the pardon of your sin”.  This, simply put, is striving daily to be perfect like God wants us all to be.
   Do you try and justify the sin in your life?  Do you use his divine forgiveness as an excuse to sin? Do you think that once you give your life to God that you can live any old way and still be saved from hell? These are all attributes  of individuals who are not sure of their salvation.
   It is so very important to know that you know you are saved. Jesus told the Pharisees that were trying to trick and trap him by way of the scriptures to look into those same scriptures for the answers they sought! Jn 5:16-47.  You ask; Am I saved? I say look into the scriptures.